Advantages of our glass cement panels:

  • High strength and complete moisture resistance unlike DSP, OSB, SML.
  • Resistant to fungus, mold and chemical influences.
  • Flammability group – NG (non-flammable).
  • High vapor permeability (0.14 mg/m.h)...
Znamensky Composite Factory launched a new production line for the production of decking boards.
Terrace board is a material made of wood and polymers. Its properties, color, and characteristics depend on the filler.
Terrace boards are used to construct platforms, decking on the terrace, gazebos, sidewalks...

New production workshops
and equipment will allow increasing the capacity of the enterprise for the production of modular houses to 10,000 m2 and window structures to 100,000 linear meters. per month...
The production of composite panels and windows has started at our plant! Very soon you will be able to feel the comfort and coziness of our homes. The first ready-made CYBERMODUL 26 pieces will appear in December this year
in the Curonian Spit National Park, Kaliningrad region. The first shipments of modular houses to the USA and UK are planned in January...
Mass Media about us
An unusual novelty has appeared on the Kaliningrad construction market: stone-composite construction houses that can be assembled from scratch in literally a week and receive a “white key” with built-in communications. The prices for such houses are approximately half lower than for conventional construction, and a modular house can last even longer than its “traditional” counterpart. We'll tell you how it works...
In the Start Hub at Red October, a space that brings together technology entrepreneurs in Moscow, two new business development programs were launched in the fall: “Moscow Accelerator” and Open BRICS. This means that, together with the residents of the StartHub.Moscow program, who began training in June, more than 300 companies intersect on the site, communicate and energize each other for new breakthroughs...
At Demo day after the acceleration program, the finalists of the track presented their projects. During the presentation, the participants spoke about their developments, achievements in negotiations with potential partners and meetings that were held within the framework of the program...
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